Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Beauty Tips (:

- If you want bigger, brighter eyes apply your second coat of mascara on your outer lashes.
- If you made a mistake whilst putting on mascara or eyeliner, simply use a cotton bud (cutip), get a bit of moisterizer and wipe it awaaaaaay.
- If you have a long face always apply your blusher on your cheeks.
- For cool toned skin, consider going for pinks, light blues and silvers.
- For darker complexions try using bronzes, gold, apricot and caramel.
- If you have darker skin NEVER use pink blusher.
- Make sure that you ALWAYS clean off any old makeup before applying your eyeliner.
- Don't use your fingers to hold your eyelid when applying eyeliner, use a cotton bud (cutip) because the skin around your eyes are very delicate.
- When cleaning your makeup brushes use shampoo to clean them :)
- When your choosing perfumes (if this still is beauty) if you want a calm, relaxing scent choose fruit and floral scents. If you want a sexual scent (looooooooooooooooooool) go for spicier fragrances like musk.
- When you are choosing a concealer, try and find one which is slightly lighter then your normal skintone.

Well thats all folks..... (did that bring back memories ?)

keep on readingggggg (: x

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