Saturday, 8 May 2010

I'm Going Shopping (:

Ahhhhhhh, Tomorow Im Gonna Go Shopping, Mainly To Newlook (:
Here Are A List Of Things Im Going To Buy.

- Jeggings
- A Nice Top
- A Day Dress
- Wolly Cardi (:
- (If i can find a good one) A Fashion Blazer

I Don't Know How Much I Should Take, Maybe I Might Take 40/50 Pounds :S
Have No Idea, But My Mums Coming With Me, Im Sure She'll Spend A Little Extra >.<

I Probably Might Do An Outfit Of The Day After, To Show You What I Brought. I'll Probably Wear This On My Birthday :D
Cannot Wait ;)

I Dont Think I Might Buy Any Makeup Or Jewerlly (If Thats How You Spell It) Because I Dont Really Need To Buy Any. Just Need To Buy Clothes Because I Reaaaaaaally Have To Upgrade My Wardrobe :L Iv'e Got Like REAAL Old Stuff, Vintagy You Can Say. (:

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