Friday, 7 May 2010

How To Get Big BOLD dramatic Eyes (:

Do you ever wake up one day thinking grrr look at my eyes they look so tired ? (Well i dont suppose any of you think that i dont....but now you will hopefully eeeeek.)
Well you've come to the right place to learn how to make those eyes the biggest and boldest eyes in town :L

- You can make your eyes dramatic by using a light, medium and dark eye shadow shade of the SAME COLOUR. Put the darkest shade in the top upper eye lid. The medium shade above your lid on the brow bone and the lightest colour directly under your brow and then blend awaaaaaaaaay.

- Compliment bold eyes with loads and loads of mascara which will make your eyes stand out more.

- Always curl your lashes before applying your mascara.
- Apply white eyeliner so that your eyes look much bigger and brighter.

- Use blues and whites if you want big bright eyes, but if you want dramatic bold eyes use black eyeliner.

Heres a picturee i found on the internet of big bold eyes:

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