Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How To Get Rid Of Spots (:

In this post i will be telling all you loveelies how to get rid of spots :)
Don't know about you lot but i get about 3 every week loool and sometimes more ):
I really hate them, but in this post hopefully you'll get some ideas on how to get rid of spots which can be VERY annoying sometimes ?
So here goes....

- Don't pop your pimple or spot straight away !

- Keep care of hygiene, you should shower in the morning and the night with a natural gentle cleanser or soap which will keep your skin glowing and healthy.

- Im sorry guys, but if you want to get rid of your spots you need to get rid of your oil based makeup products. Oil buildup is one of the main causes of breakouts.

- Keep care of what you eat. Make sure you eat healthy ( Ikr impossibleee.....) but you'll have to as studies show that eating junk food and soft drinks increase the development of acne.

- If you want the spot to go away quick use concealer which is your natural skin tone so that it will blend in.

- Drink water.

- If most things don't work out for you i suggest you go to a dermatologist to get rid of your spots.

Hope these tips help and have a greaaat healthy skinned life lmaooo (: x

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